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Honeycrisp Sriracha

Honeycrisp Sriracha


Sriracha shortage got you down? Look no further. We're ready to replace that squeeze bottle in your pantry with a new cock of the walk. Our Honeycrisp Sriracha brings you a bright, classic sriracha flavor full of roasted garlic and chiles, sweetened with honeycrisp apples rather than sugar. Honeycrisp Sriracha is quickly becoming a fan favorite, get in while the gettings good!

  • Disclaimer:

    Please note that all hot sauces sold on this website are homemade in my personal kitchen. While I adhere to the best food safety principles and ensure each batch is pH tested, I am not a licensed food producer. This is a hobby of mine, and I enjoy sharing my creations with friends, family, and fellow hot sauce enthusiasts. Purchase and consume at your own risk.

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